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Footwear for children


Footwear for children
I quite often get asked by parents what big brand shoes I recommend for kids and if things like jandals and ballet flats are good for kids to be wearing. My view on this has definitely changed a lot over the past few years. Recently some really good research has been published around the essential elements required when selecting footwear for children:
· The main role of shoes is to protect the foot from injuries and infection.
· The selection of a pair of shoes for children should be based on the “barefoot” model so that the foot develops in an optimal way. Stiff and tight shoes are not recommended.
· The more often children are barefoot, the better.
There is no age when kids/teenagers should start wearing maximalist running shoes (cushioned, elevated heel, relatively rigid). However, if a teenager has already grown accustomed to maximalist running shoes, there should be a progressive transition to minimalist shoes spread over a few weeks in order to allow the foot to adapt.
For more information and recommendations please contact one of our physiotherapists.

Craig Newland
Physiotherapist/Clinic Principal

Foundation Sports and Rehabilitation Clinic
78 First Ave, Tauranga, 3110

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