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Talkative Thursdays


Nutrition November:
12.15 – 12.45 every Thursday

7th November – Everything you need to know about sugar
14th November – Develop a nutrition philosophy
21st November – Science, social media & a Maori worldview
28th November – Meat: The pro’s and con’s

Everything you need to know about sugar presented by Caitlin. There isn't a lot that is positive to say about sugar these days, but what about all the sugar alternatives around? Are they any better? What about using natural sugars like honey or maple syrup or dates? Confused about sugar? As the title says, this talk is everything you need to know about sugar...and more

Develop a nutrition philosophy presented by Anna. How do you decide what to eat and what not to eat? There is so much information out there about nutrition it can be really confusing figuring out what to do for optimal health and wellbeing for yourself and your family. Developing a nutrition philosophy is a way of creating your own values around food, so that you make sense of all the nutrition information that comes to you.

Science, social media and a Māori worldview - nutrition in a complex world presented by Erina. There is an extensive evidence base of nutrition research and knowledge that sits within the western science worldview. There is easily accessible information on all sorts of dietary trends and fads through social media. There is also a wealth of mātauranga (knowledge) Māori of our ancestors which continues to grow with modern day applications. Erina will discuss the research she has been working on and take you on a journey through these three very different sources of nutrition information

Meat: The pro's amd con's presented by Anna. Meat is part of our culture here in Aotearoa. The meat and dairy industries are strong economically for us. What is all the fuss about meat anyway? Come along and learn about why meat gets a bad rap and how to think differently about why you choose to eat what you do. Anna will talk about the evidence for and against meat as a regular part of our eating and about the plant based eating philosophy.

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