Promotes flexibility, balance, strength and mobility

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Luiz Macedo

Luiz teaches Hatha-Yoga, a practice of breath based dynamic and static postures. It promotes flexibility, balance, strength and mobility, while improving focus and calmness in the mind.

The practice is based on yoga poses, breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation. the perfect balance of an active and relaxing activity.

Hatha-Yoga is for everyone who aims to achieve health, perform better or simply be more present.

Foundation Clinic offers Yoga at our First Avenue Clinic. Classes are 45 minutes and can be modified and adapted to suit your ability.

Class Times:

Tuesdays - 6.30pm

Wednesdays - 12.15pm

Thursdays - 9.15am


$15 Casual rate per class

$144 Class Concession for 12 classes

$20 Weekly ongoing class membership

Class Concessions can also be used towards Pilates.

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