Foundation 360

Become bullet proof

Our Foundation 360 Team

Jodi Spurgeon
Nicola Shaw
James Green
Taylor Oosthuysen

Here at Foundation Clinic patient welfare is at the heart of everything we do and we are strong believers in rehab continuing outside the physio room.  So for that reason we offer our ‘Foundation 360’ classes as a direct extension of our treatment. At our onsite gym in our First Avenue clinic we use a combination of strength, conditioning, proprioception, plyometric and mobility work to optimise your rehabilitation and minimise the time spent away from your sport or activities that you love.

Because of our small class sizes, we can, in conjunction with our physios, identify individual areas of weakness and biomechanical deficits and design the programme with the aim of not only fixing these, but preventing injuries reoccurring.

You don’t have to be a patient or rehabbing an injury either.  Our classes are open to anyone who has a keen interest in keeping their body strong, mobile and injury free in the long-term. Our classes are always evolving and are adaptable so no matter what level you are there is something for everyone and this also guarantees our patients are constantly progressing and getting stronger. 

So come down and see for yourself what we are about. First class is free. Booking is essential.

Class times:

Monday: 12pm

Wednesday: 12pm

Friday: 12pm


$15 casual rate per class, or $144 for 12 classes.

Classes are 45minutes

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