Forma Movement Intelligence

We understand that movement is highly specific to the individual

Foundation Clinic is excited to offer FORMA Movement Intelligence 🙌

FORMA are a company that specializes in movement insights in individuals that perform sport and are on the path of lower limb injury rehab.

Things we cover during our assessment include:

  • 20m Acceleration analysis
  • Stride asymmetry analysis
  • Acceleration mechanics
  • Change of Direction mechanics for sport
  • Walking gait analysis
  • Movement baselining (this gives us a personal movement standard to return to once injured)
  • Visual reporting to see work on's
  • Next steps provided by Strength and Conditioning coaches

We understand that movement is highly specific to the individual. Think of it as a Movement fingerprint. FORMA analyzes your movement trends to tailor a program (if so desired) to work alongside your abilities.

Why FORMA for youth athletes?

FORMA can help identify movement issues at a young age or imbalances to then work on. This can help us to avoid movement based injuries. 75% of non-contact lower limb injuries are from sprinting and deceleration. So taking steps to avoid this is essential for longevity of career.

Why FORMA for rehab?

Having a personal and up to date movement baseline to compare to whilst undergoing rehab now gives you and your Physio a visual AND a numbers based approach to tailoring rehab programs. FORMA aids the physio with data and insights to be able to get you moving back as soon as they can! FORMA work alongside Foundation's Physio's around the next steps in rehabilitation, as well as offering continuous testing for the individual. As FORMA continues to test, we gain more data, which helps us provide more specific solutions and gain further helpful insights.

Below are some snapshots of the analysis and how it can benefit you ⬇️

This is an example of a 20m sprint with the individual and tracking each single step length to ensure a positive relationship with Left/Right highlighting any striding issues. The reason this is so important is that stride length has been correlated with hamstring injuries within running.

Above is a Kinogram in which a freeze frame of the key foot placements and running mechanic phases are captured. From this we highlight weaknesses and work ons to ensure that correct technique and foot placement is achieved.

Below is a report we generate highlighting the Pro’s / Con’s and the level of asymmetry with the universal color coding of Green, Amber and Red. From here we then give a visual showcase of running or walking mechanics for the individual and then provide advice on next steps - with this section this will be in conjunction with your Physio provider as well.

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