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Craig Newland
Chris Pett

We work closely alongside Foundation Run to provide personalised run coaching, complemented with our strength & conditioning, nutrition assessments and physio support.

What's different about Foundation Run?
Running is more than just running. We are firm believers that the effectiveness of run coaching is hugely enhanced by integrating the multiple facets of training.

Run coaching should not just be about running further, faster. Yes, it's great to nail a marathon PB, but let us show you what more you can get from training properly.

How does each week work?
You'll have access to your Training Calendar through your Athlete Dashboard. This details your planned runs for the upcoming days or weeks, where we'll also monitor your progress.

If you have a GPS watch (or run with your phone) and use Strava, we will automatically sychronise your completed runs so you can see how well you are sticking to your plan.

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