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Injury keeping you off the cricket field?

Our Cricket Specific Physio Team

Craig Newland
Damian Banks
Jas Whitelaw
Renee Quinn
Paul Head
Chris Pett
Henry Sun

Suffered an injury that’s keeping you off the cricket field?

As physiotherapy providers to the Northern Districts Elite team, NDA and ND Academy teams, Foundation can offer our specialised services in rehabilitating cricket specific injuries to get you back on the park as quickly as possible.

Our services include:

  • giving you a clear diagnosis around the cause of your injury
  • implementing a specific rehab programme designed to get you back on the field playing to the best of your capabilities pain free!
  • video analysis with feedback and coaching from top cricket coaches in the district
  • state of the art, brand new indoor cricket nets for both rehab and training purposes
  • access to our gym facilities and cricket specific programmes designed for you by our Strength & Conditioning coaches working in conjunction with our Physiotherapists
  • education and guidance around bowling loads. It might be a term you’ve heard before and our physio’s will help you set up a bowling programme appropriate for you. This is not only important when returning from injury but also from an injury prevention aspect as well.
  • education around throwing loads. Equally important as our bowling loads, but often overlooked. We will often see plenty of shoulder and elbow injuries during the pre-season due to a massive spike in a person’s throwing volume, this could easily be avoided with a throwing programme that gradually introduces the body to the rigors of throwing.

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