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The Food Cruncher is a company that provides education in nutrition so you never need to diet ever again. Every month new content is released for you to learn and practice. This is an active learning programme. You need to log your food through a free app and measure what you eat against what is being taught. Every month there is new content and example meal plans, and members also have access to The Food Cruncher's entire recipe database - around 400 recipes all nutritionally analysed.

The Food Cruncher also has sport nutrition programmes. Programmes for adults and for teens. The sport nutrition programme for teens is the only one of its kind and the first to be developed. Again, content is released monthly and young athletes can work out their own macros (carbs, protein, and fat) through The Food Cruncher's built in digital calculators. 

Due to The Food Cruncher and The Foundation Clinic's partnership, members can use the code foundationclinic at checkout to receive a 5% discount across all programmes.

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Sports Nutrition for Young Athletes:

The Food Cruncher is leading the way, with the first of its kind and only evidence-based digital guideline for young athletes (12-18years). As a result of this ground-breaking programme, The Food Cruncher has written multiple articles for Sports NZ:

Nutrition 101 for Adolescent Athletes - What all parents and coaches should know

Nutrition for Adolescent Athletes who participate in Endurance Sports

Nutrition for Strength Based Sports

Nutrition 102 for Adolescent Athletes - The vitamins and minerals you should be concerned with

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