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Meet Jessie:

Jessie is passionate about helping people perform at their best in all areas of life. Jessie is a Registered Dietitian (NZRD), holding a master's degree in nutrition and dietetics, a bachelor of science in human nutrition and a bachelor of business analysis in accounting. Her research has involved studying the energy balance of adolescent rowers in New Zealand. Jessie enjoys working with adolescents as well as everyone across the lifespan, sporting or corporate, to deliver practical nutrition advice based on your lifestyle.

Jessie holds a food philosophy that recognises that food is more than just fuel, food brings people together, is joyful and is delicious! That is why she believes fuelling for performance is most sustainably achieved when combined with the principles of intuitive eating.

Currently, Jessie is the performance nutritionist for the Avis Magic Netball team, Northern Districts Cricket Association and Artistic Swimming New Zealand. Additionally Jessie works with school rowing squads and sports teams to optimise nutrition for athletic and cognitive performance.

Jesse Specialises In:

  • Nutrition for high-performing individuals & busy lives (corporates, parents, young working professionals, university students)
  • Sports & performance nutrition
  • Energy availability/ Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (REDs)
  • Active adolescents
  • Secondary hypothalamic amenorrhea
  • Improving your relationship with food
  • Workshops, presentations & events (workplace wellness, schools, sports teams, events)

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