Fit3D Body Scan & Consult

What you can't see makes all the difference

WHAT YOU CAN'T SEE MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE!                                        

Gone are the days of old-school scales, calipers, tape measure and guesswork as a means of comparing and tracking your health and fitness progress. 

Using a combination of precision instrumentation and technology, we can help you gain a high quality and complete understanding of all aspects of your health and fitness inside and out. Once the scan is done, we will sit down and go over the results and help to achieve YOUR goals.

The FIT3D body scanner takes over 1200 photos in one 35 second scan using 3 infrared cameras. Over 400 measurements are generated. You receive a report of ALL your metrics with a 3D image that you can compare to future scans of yourself to track progress. Fit3D also measures and shows posture and balance which is ideal for rehab, aesthetics, sports training & injury prevention measures!

This amazing tool will help track your progress, allow you to set realistic goals, give insight to any weakness/strengths and imbalances you may have!



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