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Our Running Assessments Team

Craig Newland
Chris Pett

Review your running technique, training load, running and injury history, footwear, joint function and range of motion, and strength and movement.

If you take up golf, you'll probably need some lessons to improve your swing; swimmers spend the majority of their training refining their technique.

However, too often we see runners out 'smashing the pavement' without any focus on correct run form or the knowledge on how to train consistently to help prevent injuries. Too often, this leads to overuse injuries, poor running efficiency and runners not achieving their chosen goals.

At Foundation Clinic, we love looking after runners, either with recovery from injury or even better, prevention of injury and improving run efficiency.

Senior physio Craig Newland is not only a runner himself, but also has passion of working with runners to help them achieve their goals. Craig is also certified and qualified through which means he keeps up with the latest research and progression of everything running related.

Whether you're just starting to run and aiming for a 5k park run or if you're an experienced ultramarathon campaigner, we'll analyse your run mechanics and show you areas to refine and improve.


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