Jacqueline Van Eis-Scott

Senior Physiotherapist

Jacqueline Van Eis-Scott

Hi, I'm Jacqueline (or Jax)! I'm originally from The Netherlands and that's where I studied and graduated. After finishing my studies I moved to South Africa to be with my husband where we lived and worked on a game reserve. Unfortunately, I couldn't work there as a physio and we had to make other plans. Long story short, that's how we ended up moving to NZ. We've been here for a good few years and are really enjoying it. We enjoy testing our limits on the mountain bikes in the Redwoods but we can also be found on our road bikes or dirt bikes if we get the opportunity... Anything with two wheels basically! 

As a physio I'm finishing up my post graduate diploma and I have a special interest in shoulders. I like the complexity of it but I try to make my rehab simple and straightforward. I also really enjoy working with cyclists and helping them with their bike setup. But... I love helping anyone get control over their injuries whether this is sports related or not. One thing is for sure, I believe the body is made to move and be active and that's why we will probably spend most of our time in the gym doing exercises.

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