Liam McNally


Liam McNally

I have always enjoyed being active ever since I was a kid. Whether it be through sport, being outdoors, playing with my dogs or going on road trips. I particularly enjoyed PE and sport science when I was at school so I looked into seeing if there was a career that could accommodate these interests. In combination of being injured through playing sport, my mum introduced the idea of being a physiotherapist as a potential career option. Ever since then I made it my goal to become a physiotherapist.

My journey to becoming a physio took me down to Dunedin where I got a bachelor of science and brought me back to my hometown where I studied physiotherapy at Wintec. This gave me many life experiences where I got to meet a lot of people, see different parts of our beautiful country and partake in many outdoor activities. I am looking forward to working in the health industry and helping people rehabilitate themselves through physical activity. 

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