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Exercising When It Hurts

This post is for people who have muscle, joint and/or nerve pain.

James Green
byJames Green
Hamstring Injury Protocol

An overview of the Foundation Clinic Hamstring Protocol

Adina Holder
byAdina Holder
To Ice or Not To Ice An Injury?

Ice is an extremely hot (or rather, cool) topic in sports medicine and acute injury rehab, and for good reason.

Adina Holder
byAdina Holder
Disc's don't slip dammit

Intervertebral discs. The all-important mighty disc.

Craig Newland
byCraig Newland
Managing Long COVID

Research shows that as many as one in eight COVID-19 patients could get Long COVID

Zara Fowell
byZara Fowell
The Last Blog on Kinesiotape you will ever need to read

Let’s get this out of the way upfront: kinesiotape doesn’t work.

Adina Holder
byAdina Holder
Bay of Plenty Rugby

For the 2022 Rugby season Foundation Clinic are proud to be working with....

Monica Mayry
byMonica Mayry
Helping you get out and enjoy New Zealand's epic trails.

We've teamed up with Wild Things, New Zealand's trail running community, to help you get out and enjoy New Zealand's epic trails.

Craig Newland
byCraig Newland
Back pain myths: Posture, Core Strength, Bulging Discs

“The thrust of these studies is clear – although core exercise can improve low back outcomes, it works no better than general exercise.”

Jacqueline Van Eis
byJacqueline Van Eis
Returning to Exercise after a Covid 19 Infection

It is looking increasingly likely that the majority of Kiwis will experience a COVID infection at some stage.

Adina Holder
byAdina Holder