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Development pathways to elite sport

Development pathways to elite sporting performance have attracted a lot of attention over recent years

Adina Holder
byAdina Holder
A Parent Guide to Child Growth and Development in Sport

In this guide, parents will be introduced to key concepts relating to child growth and development and how it relates to sport.

Adina Holder
byAdina Holder
Is exercising while wearing a mask safe and practical?

Many people complain bitterly about the discomfort associated with wearing a face mask at rest.

Jodi Spurgeon
byJodi Spurgeon
Foundation Clinic Annual Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the annual Foundation Clinic awards!

Craig Newland
byCraig Newland
How Santa Keeps Injury Free Over Christmas…And How You Can Too!!

Santa often cops a lot of flak for being a little bit on the heavy side but you have to remember that elite athletes come in all shapes and sizes!

Craig Newland
byCraig Newland
Coming to Omanu Golf Club!

Physiotherapist Jacqueline (Jax) will be onsite at Omanu Golf Club.

Jacqueline Van Eis
byJacqueline Van Eis
Do Softer Running Surfaces Really Reduce Injury?

Doctor Jeff Sankoff from Training Peaks offers new findings that may contradict our understanding of running surface and injury.

Corrine Melrose
byCorrine Melrose
Have helmets reduced head injuries on the slopes?

In New Zealand there were about 13,000 injuries caused by snow-sports last year.

Zara Fowell
byZara Fowell
Exclusive offer for all Northern Districts Cricket Club

Foundation is a cricket-focused sports and rehab clinic that provides personal, specific and individualized injury rehabilitation.

Campbell Thomas
byCampbell Thomas
I want an MRI

Almost all patients in their 30’s or 40’s will have abnormal disc changes on a lumbar MRI

Adina Holder
byAdina Holder
Habit Stacking: The Easiest Way to Get Your Strength Training Done

Building upon your existing habits might be the key to creating positive new ones — especially when it comes to strength training.

Adina Holder
byAdina Holder
Easy Ways to Stay Safe in the Heat

Don’t let the summer heat keep you from achieving your training goals. Here’s how to stay safe so that you can keep training through the season.

Craig Newland
byCraig Newland