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Preparing for Surfing

The benefits of surfing have been known to those who have been involved in the sport for some time

Craig Newland
byCraig Newland
Concussion in sport     what are the risks?

This article aims to summarise the evidence and give some practical recommendations about choosing a sport for your kids.

Craig Newland
byCraig Newland
Kids should play!

There has been a lot of media on various platforms about kids and sport and activity recently.

Craig Newland
byCraig Newland
I Ran A Marathon

Written by Lee Bateman.

Monica Mayry
byMonica Mayry
Foundation Clinic Annual Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the annual Foundation Clinic awards!

Jennifer Mowat
byJennifer Mowat
Returning to Sport after having a child

After the birth of a baby, at some point, many mothers think about how and when to return to some form of exercise.

Craig Newland
byCraig Newland
An Athletes Guide to Coping In The Heat

Hooray, summer almost is here. Its great to see people out and about and getting active now some summery weather has returned.

Zara Fowell
byZara Fowell
Does osteoarthritis mean I need to stop exercising?

Osteoarthritis is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide, being associated with significant joint pain and activity limitation.

Craig Newland
byCraig Newland
Does Headgear prevent Concussion?

The use of headgear and helmets in sport, especially rugby and rugby league, has been the focus of much debate in the media.

Adina Holder
byAdina Holder
Recovering from an Ankle Sprain

Ankle injuries are arguably the most common sports injury.

Jodi Spurgeon
byJodi Spurgeon
Stop whatever you're doing and freeze.

Now, evaluate your body. Does anything - your neck, perhaps - feel achy? How's your posture?

Jacqueline Van Eis
byJacqueline Van Eis