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Our Pilates Team

Jacqueline Van Eis
Zara Fowell

Foundation offers matwork pilates, suiting all ages and abilities at our Papamoa Clinic.  The classes last 1 hour and exercises are modified and adapted to suit your ability.  Whether you're recovering from injury or wanting to feel physically stronger these classes are the perfect challenge.

About our instructors:

Jacqueline (Jax):

I can't really remember when I started pilates. It must have been a good couple of years ago. I was looking for some exercises that didn't require me to be a member of a gym. I started looking online and found some great Youtube channels that I still follow today. I liked how I noticed I was getting stronger and being able to do more difficult exercises as I progressed. Practice and perseverance makes perfect (OK maybe not perfect, but definitely better)!

I am convinced that you only get stronger when you get challenged. This is exactly my vision for the Pilates classes. You can do so much more than you think if you put your mind to it! Pushing out that last repetition that wasn't possible, is a great feeling.

After a few weeks or months you will be able to do more than you did before and this will make you feel better during other sporting activities, and your day to day life. Of course everybody's abilities are different and that's why the exercises have multiple options so that you can do them safely and with confidence.


Practicing Pilates became a part of my life when I was sixteen years old. A chiropractor advised that I do some Pilates exercises to manage my hip and back injury, and my Mum bought a Pilates DVD that we would do religiously. Once I was at the point where I had memorised the Pilates routines from start to finish, not only had my injury resolved but I was able to run and play various sports to a better ability. This made me realise that these exercises could not only help me to strengthen after injury but also to perform better.

This is a large part of why I enjoy doing Pilates and teaching it to others. It can challenge people of all abilities and goals, from competing in high level sport to achieving everyday activities comfortably. The exercises focus on strengthening, core stability, mobility and body awareness, meaning it can benefit each person in a different way. The aim is that by practicing these movements, the benefits can be carried over to other exercises and daily activities to better manage pain or prevent injury.

Class times:

Wednesday 8.15am - a combination of yoga and pilates

Wednesday 5.30pm (beginners)

Friday 8am (advanced)

Friday 9.30am (beginners/intermediate)


$15 casual rate per class, or $144 for 12 classes

First class is free as a trial

Classes are 60minutes

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